It's a Miniatures Life
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We have been dollhouse miniatures enthusiasts for over 30 years, starting with the building of several dollhouses and buildings. Our dad was a carpenter and part of our love of miniatures stems from the construction of the dollhouse itself, along with the fun that comes from creating something in miniature scale.

Our dream was to put together a collection of a variety of dollhouse furnishings that are both affordable and of good quality. We feel our dream has been realized in this collection of manufactured, handmade and artisan-crafted treasures.

Almost everything in our world has, by one person or another, been admired, examined, planned and crafted into a miniature replica. Once you have found yourself imagining an item in miniature and have spent time poring over miniatures online, you have successfully become part of “the miniatures life!”

We hope that as you browse our Web site you will find the miniatures that your heart desires - if not, contact us and we will find it for you. Thank you for your interest and every little bit of fun that comes with it!


Barb Ramsey and Susie Ross, owners


Susie and Barb with the Queen Anne dollhouse.


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